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Fall winter 22

Belle de jour

“What I tried with Belle de Jour was to show the terrible divorce between the heart and the flesh, between a true, immense and tender love and the implacable demand of the senses.

This conflict, with a few rare exceptions, every man, every woman who loves for a long time, carries it within themselves. It is perceived or not, it tears or it sleeps, but it exists"

—Joseph Kessel

Explore a collection of glamorous and timeless lingerie, which pays homage to the iconic elegance of the 1950s. Each piece delicately embodies the essence of a bygone era, where refinement and grace were elevated to the level of art. Immerse yourself in a world where feminine curves were enhanced by flattering cuts, sumptuous fabrics and carefully thought-out details.

Our collection aptly captures the bold spirit and unparalleled sophistication of this golden era of fashion. Let yourself be captivated by creations that evoke timeless glamor and innate grace, while infusing a retro-chic touch to your current style. Explore this exceptional range, which embodies a classic aesthetic subtly modernized, and embodies the excellence of French artisanal lingerie.