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Fall winter 22


"Because you are twenty years old
That you bite into life like a ruddy fruit
That we pick while laughing

You think you can do anything and do as you please
Sorry for a moment ready to start again

You play with my heart like a spoiled child
Who asks for a toy to crush him into pieces?


Each piece harmoniously embodies the subtle balance between innocence and seduction, fusing elements of yesteryear with a contemporary aesthetic. Immerse yourself in a world where fashion becomes the narrator of a captivating story, mixing charm and mystery, and celebrating deep emotions inspired by the world of Lolita

Discover a range of lingerie that exquisitely interprets the essence of romance and elegance, while embodying the comfortable quality dear to our French artisan lingerie brand. Let yourself be charmed by creations carefully crafted to evoke the grace and poetry of this captivating universe