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artisanal and ethic

responsible production

We are proud to guarantee that each model is carefully handmade in our Lyon workshop, nestled in the heart of rue Sergent Blandan. This artisanal manufacturing approach reflects our commitment to responsible and environmentally friendly production.

Each stage of creation, from design to final production, is carried out with meticulous attention and a constant concern to reduce our ecological footprint. By opting for local manufacturing, we reduce transport-related emissions and help maintain employment in our community. In addition, by using artisanal methods, we minimize waste and promote efficient use of materials.

So when you choose our designs, you not only support quality and authenticity, but you also participate in our approach to responsible and sustainable manufacturing, rooted in our commitment to the environment and our local community.

quality and traceabilit

european materials

Our commitment to quality begins with the meticulous choice of raw materials to make each piece of our lingerie. We source from the best sources in Europe, selecting fabrics that combine softness, durability and aesthetics, to offer you unrivaled comfort and quality.

Each material we choose is the result of careful consideration to ensure an exceptional experience for our customers. We favor natural and sustainable textiles, respectful of the environment and your skin. Thanks to this approach, our lingerie combines the luxurious feel of European materials with the peace of mind of making responsible choices.

When you choose our models, you are opting for much more than lingerie. You choose materials designed to offer you an experience of superior comfort, while respecting the environment and your well-being. It is our commitment to quality, respect and attention to detail that is reflected in each of our creations.

self love

diversity and inclusion

For us, lingerie is not reserved for a privileged few. Our brand is committed to celebrating the beauty of all body shapes by offering tailored sizes that embrace the diversity of our customers. Our mission is clear: to provide premium quality lingerie that evokes confidence, comfort and self-esteem in every woman, regardless of shape or size.

We believe in the magic that happens when every woman feels comfortable in her own skin. That's why each model is carefully designed to ensure a perfect, flattering fit, without compromising on quality. We are aware of the importance of lingerie as a trusted everyday ally, and we want every woman or person to be able to feel this feeling of being beautiful and supported.

By choosing our brand, you choose to flourish in lingerie that celebrates your individuality and highlights your natural beauty. Every size, every shape is honored, because we believe true elegance lies in diversity. Join us in our quest to value authentic beauty and to provide everyone with the opportunity to feel special and beautiful.

quality and know-how

french craft

Our lingerie embodies a precious heritage of French know-how, the result of deep knowledge passed down from generation to generation. The designer, trained in traditional lingerie houses, has acquired a rich and authentic expertise, which is reflected in each piece we create. Every step of our manufacturing process is guided by excellence, from initial design to meticulous execution, to offer you models of optimal quality.

Each model is designed with care and attention to detail to guarantee a perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics. We understand that lingerie is much more than just a piece of clothing, it is an experience that should accompany you with ease and elegance throughout the day. This is why every detail, from the selection of fabrics to the precise cut, is considered to offer maximum comfort and refinement.

By choosing our models, you are choosing much more than just lingerie. You opt for the authenticity of French know-how, for creations made with dedication and a permanent search for perfection. Every piece we offer is the result of our commitment to excellence, convenience and timeless beauty.