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“A big thank you for everything 😊
It's superb, I love it, the niquel size and the suspender belt is incredible, super comfortable to wear and it's magnificent!
Here's another big thank you and I can't wait to discover what's next 🥰"

Louise M.

"I wanted to thank you so much, I just received my order and I am totally in love with your work ❤️😍! It's so delicate and soft to wear ✨✨
I'm not going to leave him anymore 🥰"

Marie-Aude B.

"The fabrics are incredible in terms of textures, it's super pleasant and the same for the colors, magnificent.
And above all thank you and BRAVO because in the large sizes there are no suitable thongs and they don't highlight at all, so having created an underwear which is as pretty on the xs as on my xxl I find it very impressive 💕"


"I just received my biggest crush 😍
It's perfect in size! And I expected to be disappointed in terms of the leg lengths because often not long enough on me for my tastes and this is just too good. We don't even talk about comfort - a second skin ✨ Thank you so much ✨"

Lili-May S.